Red Corner Chinese Restaurant When your taste buds are calling out for fried rice, wonton soup and some spicy Kung Pao look no further than Red Corner Chinese Restaurant at 1025 NW Gilman Blvd in Issaquah Washington. But be prepared, when you get there you will definitely want to try some of our unusual and unique dishes. We have Tea Smoked Duck or Szechuan Bean Jelly as appetizers, Chef’s Special Beef in Lettuce Cups, The Other Parts of a Pig in Hot Pot or Intestines Stew (yes, its delicious) and Fish with Intestines in hot, spicy gravy. Of course, we also carry Beef with Broccoli and Tofu and other simpler dishes but try our unique combinations. You’ll be glad you did. Dine in or order online. We will be happy to deliver. Order Online Payment Options